Distinguished Contribution Award


The Distinguished Contribution Award recognises an individual who has made outstanding contribution(s) to the practice of the project management profession, who has demonstrated leadership and initiative while advancing project management concepts, techniques, practices or theories through the effective application of project management principles and delivered substantial outcomes for PMI.

There is only one national award, but there is no cap on nominations from an individual chapter. Each chapter, college or Community of Practice (CoP) is encouraged to support as many nominations as they feel appropriate.

Nominations may be originated by the nominee themselves, the nominee’s employer, or members of the nominee’s chapter, college, or CoP.




The awards judges will evaluate each nomination against the following:

  • The person has made a significant positive contribution to the operation of PMI in Australia in the year preceding the award cut-off date;
  • The person’s contribution is recognised and supported by his / her Chapter, CoP or College; and
  • The person has a good track record of supporting PMI in Australia.

The judges may contact nominated referees to provide supporting statements.



The initial nominations for all Distinguished Contribution nominees will need to provide contact information and responses to three key questions:

Please describe the activities undertaken by the nominee which form the basis for this nomination. Please also specify the nominee’s track record of supporting PMI and where they have shown initiative and leadership in those activities.

Provide some context to the nomination by describing the activities that the nominee was involved with that is the basis for the nomination. Please also demonstrate the broader involvement the nominee has in supporting PMI in Australia.

Please describe the results achieved for PMI from those activities.

How did the actions of the nominee result in a “significant positive contribution to the operation of PMI in Australia”.

What specifically motivated you to nominate the nominee for the PMI Australia Distinguished Contribution Award?

How did the project’s stakeholders become aware of the significant contribution of the nominee?