Young Project Manager of the Year Award


The Young Project Manager of the Year Award is presented to recognise an individual who is under 30 years of age on the 01 January 2014 and has exemplified superior performance and outstanding project management methods, skills and their important contributions in business, industry, government, community or not-for-profit environments.

Nominations may be originated by the nominee themselves, or by the nominee’s employer, colleagues, team members or customer.

There will be one national winner for the Young Project Manager of the Year Award.




The awards judges will evaluate each nomination against the following:

The Project Manager (PM) has made a significant positive difference to the outcome of a project (or section of a major project) in the year preceding the award cut-off date.  This may be delivering a successful project or “turning round” a project that was in trouble – the award is for the PM’s capability and contribution, not the project.

It is important to note that projects of all types and sizes are equally valid for nomination. A small business or IT project has equal opportunity to a major public infrastructure construction project for these awards.



The initial nominations for all Young Project Manager of the Year Award will need to provide contact information and responses to three key questions:

Please describe the project and environment for which this nomination is submitted.

Provide some context to the nomination by describing the project that the nominee was managing. You may wish to include a brief summary of the scope, scale and status of the project when the nominee became involved.

Please describe the difference the PM made in the outcome of this project.

What actions did the nominee perform, or changes that they implemented, which made a “significant positive difference to the outcome” for this project.  Describe any specific project management concepts, techniques, practices or theories that the nominee applied to the project.

What were the key measures or indicators that indicated the significant contribution of the Project Manager?

How did the project’s stakeholders become aware of the significant contribution of the nominee?